Jumat, 14 April 2017

My Alfa , my snipper (ask an expert)

Hey, hey good afternoon .. this time I interviewed my boyfriend him name Alfarizi iqbal ..
I know  him from  december last year, he came from Java
he is an Indonesian army, he is an honest discipline is also firmly ..

Paskia Wulan (PW): Since when did you become the army of Indonesia?
Alfarizi Iqbal (AI)  : Since 2015
PW : What motivated you to become an Indonesian army?
AI   : what motivates me because I love this country, I will protect the unity of this country
PW : Wow that's great, as soldiers what skills a must-have?
AI   : skills in shooting, self-defense, undercover, fighting at close range, and more
PW : How long does it take to master it all?
AL  : It depends on each of us, when we used to practice then we're into a well trained people in the field.
PW  : That's right, is there a problem when you practice?
AI    : Yes constraint is always there, but somehow it is the risk taken .. not uncommon because the injured body sharp object but the Indonesian state and nation for the sake of this country .. large country need tough men trained hard workers also maintaining unity in it, it as my devotion to this country.
PW   : wahhh really very inspiring at all.. thankyou vermuch.

thing I can take from the results of my interview is not about how good the skills possessed by a person but how he uses his skills for the good of the people ..
so much and thank you, may be useful ..
bye-bye ^ _ ^

Jumat, 31 Maret 2017

The Outpouring of the Heart on Tuesday,March 21,2017

Hi, how are you? Back again my blog hehehe..
Well this time, I will tell you my experience about the events that I experienced on Tuesday, March 21, 2017, early morning, before the British economy program start to finish. English courses before starting, the remaining two hours. I went to the supermarket together with my friend. suddenly paskia and friends were shocked by the words of Eva who told the room American Corner (Amcor) is used, and find a solution to use the space 11 in Guidance and Counseling. But for a certainty, we go come to AMCOR, and expected, AMCOR will be used. Eva immediately tell Miss Dini and finally at time English courses in United Economy Culture and Learning Center (BCLC), precisely in the majority of theaters are often used study program students of the Faculty of English. Of course, to paskia itself, this was my first experience and I'm glad, moreover, is no less good facilities with AMCOR especially a lot of objects that great. But the lack of internet network here is hard to find so disturbing in the language translation process. In the course of the day, Miss Dini provide findings tasks, read, understand the meaning of a story book for free (to children), select a unit, and the lessons that can be drawn from the story (two sentences). Ms. Dini also shared strategic places to easily find a children's book and do not be surprised, after losing Dini told us to get out, suddenly everything stormed the area and do not be surprised anyway, I'm one of them, hahaaa. Paskia also find a children's story book theme of the family, in the book there are the lessons I took that:

1. Mutual aid was between sesame especially in the family
2. The heavy work will feel easy if mutual aid
Thank you for reading my experience. I’m so sorry if there are words that are wrong and offend the reader. Hopefully I have a little or a lot can benefit us all. Bye see you ^ _ ^

I can’t imagine life without...?

Hi ^_^, good afternoon everyone ..
See you again in my blog ..
the theme this time, "I can’t imagine life without it ..."
I think, I can’t imagine life without a mirror.
Yes yes yes mirror, if you can imagine that life without their objects whose names the mirror?
mirrors of various shapes and sizes we do not realize very useful turns.
With a mirror, can help us to see the reflection of the body that can’t be seen directly by our eyes. Admittedly, this is a growing function since ancient times.
In addition as a means to make up and freshen up, the mirror can be optimized functions as a reflection media objects. In modern life, its application can vary. Mirror as media safety and security is one of the current mirror function is quite important. The use of convex mirrors at glass rearviewin motor vehicles is the easiest example. Aside from being a glass rearview, convex mirrors are often placed in the corner - the corner bend sharp. The goal is that we can see the flow of traffic from the opposite direction so that when driving safer.
In the interior, the mirror is often used as a decorative element. The impression is elegant, graceful, and luxury close to the mirror to make this thing not just use media as makeup. The mirrors are treated like a masterpiece admirable beauty. Admittedly, the existence of a mirror in a room can create a sense of space richer and make the room seem airy.
Wow, a lot of mirror function in everyday life.
can not imagine if we live without a mirror, certainly at home you all have at least one mirror.
like that's my thinking, if I imagine my life without a mirror ..
thanks for reading and have a nice day ^ _ ^

Jumat, 17 Maret 2017

my skills

Hey hey hey good evening for you readers all ..
How are you? I hope you all always happy and always healthy wherever you are..
This time, I will discuss about my skills.
but before that we will discuss what it skills ..
I think the skill is the ability to do things that are specific, focused yet dynamic that requires a certain time to learn and can be proven any skill can be learned but it takes a strong dedication.
To learn the art such as positive mental necessity, the spirit of motivation, time and sometimes money.
And that glimpse of the skills, now I'll tell a little about my skills.
Skills possessed me is a traditional dance..
I love to dance, every movement means many things and I am one with the movement for the movement ..
Other than that, with dancing I can entertain a lot of people ..
it performed a traditional dance of the best and beautiful views of many people,not bored to practice and keep practicing tirelessly.
So that it can develop the skills and useful in the future ..

As that is a short story about the skills that I have ..
hopefully can be useful and add insight you all
thank you for reading, see you ^^

Top of Form

Selasa, 07 Maret 2017

Tugas Vocabulary Focus 7 Maret 2017

Profession of an economist
 1.   Vocabulary
Society            : masyarakat
Goods             : barang-barang
Labor              : tenaga kerja
Effor               : usaha
Satisfy             : memberi kepuasan
Analyze           : menganalisa
Determine       : menentukan
Benefits           : kebaikan
Employed        : dipekerjakan
Engage             : mengikutsertakan
Develop           : berkembang
Theoretical      : teroris
Provide            : menyediakan
Government    : pemerintah
Wears              : pemakaian
Forecast           : ramalan
Half                 : paruhan/separuh
Gains               : laba
Loses               : kehilangan
Useful             : berguna
Investment      : investasi
Firms               : perusahaan/firma
French             : orang prancis/prancis
Existence         : adanya/keadaan
Assured           : percaya
Fringe              : pinggiran
Prefers             : lebih suka
Risktaking       : mengambil resiko
Initiative          : inisiatif
Employee        : pegawai/pekerja
Percentage       : presentase
Measured        : telah diperhitungkan
Increase           : pertambahan
Regarded        : menghormati
Wage               : gaji
Independence : kemerdekaan,kebebasan
Tax                  : pajak
Revenues         : pendapatan
Resorces          : sumber penghasilan

Exercise 1
1.      Check
2.      Monitor
3.      Monitor
4.      Control
5.      Control

Exercise 2
1)      Costs (n)                : P. 1, L : 6 meaning expenses, outlay
2)      Monitor (v)            : P. 5, L : 2 meaning control, manage
3)      Flair(n)                  : P. 4, L : 5 meaning skill, talent, inclination
4)      Entrepreneur (n)    : p. 4, L : 3 meaning employer
5)      Forecast (n)           : P. 3, L : 1 meaning prediction
6)      Provide (v)            : P. 2, L : 4 meaning supply, equip, outfit
7)      Job-setting (n)       : P. 2, L : 1 meaning place of work
8)      Liable(a)                : P. 5, L : 4 meaning responsible

Exercise 3
1.   Self-employed means having the qualities that are needed to succeed as an entrepreneur.
2.      An entrepreneurial is a person who sets up business and business deals .
3.      A tycoon is a person who is successful in business and so has become rich and powerful .
4.     The industry will have to pass its increased benefits or fringe benefits on to the consumer .
5.      The management will qualify  accommodation, food and drink for thirty people .
6.      He as alwas been liable for his children .
7.      The provide of the job include a car and free health insurance .
8.      He won’t  forecasts as an economist until next year.
9.    An individual hoping to start up a new company needs to have entrepreneurial flair or telent .
10.   Unfortunately coasts of higher profist did not come true .
11.   Economists are concerned with the production distribution and consumption .