Jumat, 16 Juni 2017

Speech text for final examination

Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentelmen
First of all, let’s praise and gratitude to God who has given His grace and favor so that we can all come together in this place in a healthy condition without any obstruction.I am so glad because of this chance to stand together with these great people in this podium.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Have you ever seen the students brawl? Have you ever seen the students truant? Have you ever seen the students involved drugs or moke? And have you ever heard of the students that involved in free sex?
I think all will be say "yes". This means that moral attitudes of Indonesian teenagers have turned away from the values and norms of the real the real Indonesia. Everyone involved in those bad things are students, the young people who should have the best ethics because they have been educated through educational institutions.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Why are all the things happen? Before you answer it, I want to express an opinion. In Indonesia, I see the demand of academic value is so high. When the students get the higher score, parents, teachers, and all those around the will be more proud of these achievements. It makes us all forget a really important thing, the moral education.
Students continue to be encouraged for studying hard, but they are not given the opportunity to build a social life, emotional intelligence, and spiritual. Every day, students are only given Mathematics, Science, Language education, Physics, and Chemistry. All of those must be learned and memorized.
Because of too much academic material, students do not get a portion of moral education. As a result, they are easily tempted to commit immoral acts and even criminality. They understand that the most important is the score at the end of the test, but not includes attitudes in society.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Of course, we all very disappointed to see the moral of Indonesian students who are increasingly low and are at the destruction. This should not be allowed to continue and must be addressed properly. It requires the cooperation of all human parents, educators, and government in order to create the moral intelligence decreases.
Let us create a learning system that is accompanied by moral exhortation, good behavior, and a discipline that makes students not only have a high score, but also a good morality.
Do not give up, keep fighting, and be the noble of education.
Thankyou for attention
Ladies and Gentelmen good afternoon

Selasa, 13 Juni 2017

28th of February 2017

On the 28th of February 2017 our class got the task group from Miss Dini. The Question is:
1. Why have we chosen economics education?
2. Would you like to work for a company, teach economic disciplines at university or operate your own enocomic business?
3. Do you think you have entrepreneurial flair or talent? What traits is a succesful bussinessman supposed to possess?

And the answer from our group is :
1. We choose economics education at FKIP Untan because various reason. First, the main purpose nor for lecture but want to study at Official Juty School to be civil servant after study learning there. Second reason, because not pass to the first choice, at Economics Faculty and finally pass in last choice at FKIP Untan Economics Education. And the last reason is parents choice. But from all reason why we choose economics education because great job opportunities.
2. We would like to work for a company because of our skill isn’t a businessman and also to be teach economic disciplines at university dosn’t have the ability. And we would like to wok for a company because in a company the work definitely match with our division that has determined by supervisior and work in company may look more neat and cool.
3. We don’t have enterpreneurel flair. In our opinion a successful bussinessman should have an ability to looking a market opportunity, make an idea to interent the customer, compete with the another bussinessman, ability to sell a product to interest the customer and also has a strong mental when we failed

Sabtu, 13 Mei 2017

Expo Pendidikan

Hey hey hey good people
Good afternoon..
On 9 May 2017 paskia and some friends visiting Expo Education at Auditorium Untan. The education expo was held in order to commemorate Dies Natalis Untan ke-58. The education expo is held from the date 8-10 May 2017.
We came in front so we waited at the parking, we arrived at 08:50 while the door opened at 09:00 hehehee

From educational expo event there are many stand, this time I visited 7 stands and each has a different story .. each stand shows something that is characteristic of each of the stand ..

1. MIPA Stand
In this stand there are animals preserved from rats, snakes, bats, and other reptiles. In the stand there is also a robot created by the students of MIPA itself

2. Menwa UNTAN Stand
In this stand there are uniforms in wear by the student menwa, their equipment in the practice also there is also a photo of them train military or defend country from various time

3. AMCOR Stand
At the AMCOR stand there are books that certainly speak english and things that are about the country of America are displayed there like cowboy hat, American Pin America flag and so on

4. UPT Stand Language UNTAN
In this stand a lot of foreign language training books, such as Korean, German, English, Arabic and much more

5. Stand Faculty of Forestry UNTAN
In this stand there are reptile animals like snakes also have civet, there are also rare tree roots and must be preserved

6. UNTAN Faculty of Law Stand
In this stand there are books that discuss the law in Indonesia as well as outside, there are also hammer and suit prosecutors are usually in use in court

In this stand there are tents, parachute jackets, shoes to climb, and equipment to take if you want to go adventure or climb the mountain ..

Such is my experience in following the expo of education, hopefully you who read have a picture of how the atmosphere in each of the booth ..
Thank you see you later^^

My future business

Hi all, good afternoon ...
This time meet again with paskia hehhe
Now I will discuss what business I want to live in my future ...
Hopefully manifest into reality hehehee
I want to do business by opening a cafe where cafe it becomes a comfortable place and free from cigarette smoke ..
Plus in every corner of the cafe there are creations from young people of the nation ..
Such as paintings, displays, or ornaments that illustrate that our nation's youth are creative ..
Yaaapp .. that cafe will be a fun place for many people,
Fun places to meet people, fun places to hang out with friends or family and a place to relax spend free time.
When I started doing this business, all aspects will I noticed not only the place made interesting and comfortable menus and beverages are also noticed ..
I will make the menu of food and drinks are cheap but not cheap which must be guaranteed deliciousness also hygiene ..
After the food and beverage menu I will also pay attention to the service at my own cafe .. who customers who do not like to be treated with courtesy and friendly not terlepass of sincere smile not forced ya guys hahahaha ..
Comfortable place, delicious menu and the best service that is my dream when opening my dream cafe business in the future ..
That's a little wishful thinking of me in business, pray can be realized dream paskia hehehee
Thank you for reading see you^^

Sabtu, 29 April 2017

How To Make Es Cream (Week 5)

Good day happy people ..
These days in my city it's hot once the guys plus the busy ones are forced to get out of the house, every day wants it fresh-fresh in the mouth
Nah related to it, this time I will give you a recipe for making ice cream is simple but delicious ..
Who does not like ice cream? Almost all people love ice cream ..
Rather than buying out at an expensive price should make yourself at home
For that let's see how to make delicious ice cream and affordable price ..
Cekidottt ...


300 ml of very cold / frozen UHT milk (me chocolate)
3 Sachet SKM Milk (chocolate flavor)
1 tbsp TBM
Topping (chocochips)


1. SKM & TBM milk in mixer until stiff (approximately 15 minutes)

  2. After rigidly feed UHT milk gradually in the mixer again with high speed until thick (in the finger finger does not melt or fall down) or mixer for approximately 40 minutes

   3. Pour into a cup of toping bering according to your taste

   4. The texture is Soft and tastes good

That's how to make ice cream, you can add toppings to your taste .. good luck guys ..
Thank you for reading simple recipe ala paskia
Seeyou have a nice day ^^